About Ashoka Philippines

Filipino society is experiencing exciting yet rapid changes due to economic modernization and globalization.  Fortunately, the Philippines has a long tradition of a strong civil society that is willing to tackle the most difficult social problems.  Social enterprises are also building sustainable business models to address poverty and the lack of access to basic services like education, energy, water, and health. 

All over the country, there are Filipinos who are already developing and implementing powerful solutions to long-standing social problems.

By identifying and supporting the best and most effective ideas on the ground, Ashoka will help maintain the strength and vibrancy of the Philippine citizen sector.  With the increased involvement of business in social issues, Ashoka is also uniquely poised to bring the two sectors together towards true innovation and social change for the country.

Through its informal presence in the Philippines since 2008 and its partnership with the Ateneo School of Government, Ashoka has been a catalyst for social entrepreneurship activities around the country.  We are now entering an exciting phase where we aim to solidify Ashoka's local presence in order to build a powerful and consistent mechanism to identify and support leading Filipino social entrepreneurs each year.  Ashoka would like to help harness the passion, experience, and expertise of these individuals by providing critical financial support and welcoming them into a global Fellowship of over 3,000 social entrepreneurs from more than 70 countries.